So, we all know what’s going on outside. But I bet you, like me, you have a lot going on inside right now! The first week of lockdown meant I celebrated my birthday at home within my bubble; the silver lining was I had my bubblers at home to do so. I felt so grateful to have a home, have a family to bubble with, food in the cupboards and a sickness free home.

In spite of the complete domestic bliss I am feeling at home surrounded with my beautiful family right now, it can be overwhelming looking at what’s going on around us and in the world as a whole. There’s a bunch of stuff to manage for all of us, anxiety can be high, and a morning can feel so different from an afternoon. I am not sure about you, but I find I have moments of just sitting and looking out into space and feeling kind of lost! It’s a bit of a roller coaster, right?

Probably one thing we can do is not look too much at the hype and the online stuff, especially if news gets you down. Take what you need, then shut it off. We are in charge of our own bubble and we can try and control what comes in and out of it and in and out of our hearts. It CAN be a tricky thing to do because right now it seems more important than ever to be online just to connect with other souls, family and friends. But always remember you can turn the TV off; you can log off Facebook and you can make a phone call instead. Hearing a loved one’s voice instead of reading their hastily written words will always… and let me repeat that…. ‘always’ fill your heart like you are yearning for. Especially right now.

I love to lighten your hearts so here is a bloody wonderful read about how right now in a time of absolute isolation, humans will reach out to connect and support.

In times of adversity, I find I really come into my own and focus on the most important things to get through. Right now, its wellness! What is more important than your physical and mental health? Nothing damn it! Not sure what will help you? It’s the simple things. Get out that crafty project, make your own food and skincare with bits you already have at home. Get back to basics. I’m finding it a good reminder for what really is important. The family recipes, being content at home, homemaking. It’s an opportunity really to settle in and go with the flow for a bit. I am stoked because I FINALLY got around to making my nanna’s apple shortcake recipe! Next up maybe a baked Alaska… it’s on my food bucket list! And why not lol, I have the time!

A bath crystal recipe I’ve popped up on my website might be the trick:

And although we might feel physically stuck, we can always try meditation. Even if it’s for the first time or you’re a regular. Remember to set aside time to do it. The reality is some of us are working from home, some are working from home with bubblers to look after, some of us are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. This is a chance to explore this great escape tactic! Probably better for us than the vinos!  Here is a link to my favourite yoga/meditation peeps. I reckon you’ll like them as much as I do.

Take care you.

Hayley x

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  • Henry Luke

    The smell of crystal bath is somewhat relaxing, maybe it has the effect like that of an incense. We consciously or unconsciously need products like this. You are right, do not take too much time on social media and news, as it will only upset you, and if it really does frustrate and upset you, shut it down for some time. Stay safe!

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