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Hayley Benseman EthicsHayley Benseman is a natural skincare company. What does this mean? Every single ingredient in every single product is derived from nature and chosen for its unique properties including healing ability, scent, texture and impact on the environment. All products are sourced locally within NZ wherever possible to support the local economy. All products are chosen with knowledge of the way they are harvested, packaged and distributed. All the ingredients Hayley sources are ethically obtained with a focus on environmental impact. With these core values in mind, Hayley also approaches packaging the same way using recyclable or reusable materials wherever possible.

Why should it matter what I put on my skin?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a window to your bloodstream. Scientific research shows what you put on your skin will likely also be absorbed into your system. Would you want something plastic or harmful to be floating around in there? 

Digging a little deeper…

Companies may use the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ when referring to products when one or two ingredients are such. Even products with less than 1% natural ingredients on supermarket and chemist shelves can claim to be ‘natural’. This is called ‘Green-washing’ and is a big issue for consumers who want truly natural products and may think they are purchasing them. Stabilisers, colours, synthetics may be used to enhance shelf and travel life. Packaging may be less than ideal. Be careful about what you purchase! The marketing machines can make a product seem less harmful than it really is for your body and our environment.

A word on Synthetics…

While the use of synthetic ingredients does not automatically translate into a cause for concern, there is genuine uncertainty about the potentially harmful effects in everyday beauty products. There are ongoing scientific studies around this but it may be years before the outcomes of synthetics really surface and it’s a gamble to use products with these included.

A word on Hayley’s Ethics…

Although there is thankfully a push for the purchase of ethically obtained and environmentally friendly products (which is fantastic), it’s not always the case. To ensure that Hayley has the ‘right stuff’ for her products she researches and identifies best practice and knows exactly what they are, where they’ve come from, how they are harvested and packaged and distributed for her own peace of mind and that of her clients.

Are the products for everyone?

Being ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean every natural product is perfect for everyone. Some products will work better for some skin types than others, some may have sensitivities to certain ingredients, this is where it’s good to have a chat with Hayley either in person at one of her markets or online. She’ll be happy to advise you on the best approach for you and your families skin.


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