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Rehydrate Your Skin

Full of intensely hydrating oils & butter's to provide ultimate hydration

Conscious Skincare

We are NZ's first conscious skincare - holding space for a deeper connection to self.

Night-Time Regime

Combine our oil cleanser, serum & Rosy for a truly holistic night time treat

Naturally Derived Ingredients

High quality blend of naturally derived oils, plant based - Vegan & Cruelty Free

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Soothing formulations for all skin types

Bottle Recycle Programme

When you are finished return the bottle! Check out our recycle programme! Keeping NZ clean and green one returned bottle at a time

Golden Dew Drops
Rosy Glow Face Cream
Rosy Glow Face Cream
Floral & Feminine
Hand Cream NZ
Divinity Hand Cream
Playful & Luscious

Our favourite pick’s

These are a few of our favourite things…

Hayley Benseman

Inspiration for happiness & well being

I am on a quest to promote better thinking patterns and inspire change in our everyday lives. If you read my story you know that I was a young mum struggling with time – money – children.

The Benseman tribe...

You’re in good company

A few nice words about our skincare...

"The impact from using Hayley's skincare daily over the past 7 months has been phenomenal. I now sleep better, have improved skin and no more pain in my hands. I highly recommend them!!"

Shelley Baldwin
Go Business

Hayley Benseman products were great from the very beginning and now they are even better. Great value for high quality practical and luscious treats. I can't get enough! My skin is so much better and I often get asked why I smell so good. I literally start and end my day with Hayley Benseman products. I believe it's one of the best ranges on New Zealand's shelves, if you haven't tried them yet you're missing out! "

Tracey Savage - author
Tracey Savage

We have been working with Hayley for a number of years, both as an ingredient supplier and as a retailer of her great products. They sell very well in our health and wellness store and Hayley has always been great to work with

Fanny James - Egmont Honey
Fanny & James Annabell
Egmont Honey

Beautifully crafted from natural ingredients and free from any nasties, Hayley's products are something that we can all feel great about using

Melissa Chester - Liberty Ice Creamery Owners
Melissa & Chester
Little Liberty Creamery

One of my favourite ways to relax after a long day is with Hayley's Pink Delight Clay Mask Powder. I feel like it's a fresh start! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft. It's been one of my favourite products from the very beginning.

Michelle Yandle - Nutritionist - Author - Speaker
Michelle Yandle
Nutritionist & Author

Over the last 20 plus years of using several natural deodorants, this has been the best by far. I now can do to a formal function like a wedding, etc and I dont have to use the aluminium deodorants because Hayley's one works. Fantastic and affordable product.

Janine Joyce
Janine Joyce
Certified Naturopath

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