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Welcome! Are you curious?

Well, I have set this page up because I am on a quest to promote, happiness, better-thinking patterns, and inspire change in our everyday lives. If you read my story you know that I was a young mum struggling with time – money – children. It was tough! I have learnt a lot since – and would love to provide a space for you too –


be inspired

love your self and others

re change your thinking patterns

We never stop growing and this page will grow and include items that I come across on my learning journey – It will include items I think you may enjoy. Books – blogs – people – quotes – pictures. Whatever I like really! Let me know if you like what I am throwing down at any time by messaging me on the contact page

Much Aroha – Me – Hayley Benseman x

eco conscious beauty

My New Zealand made MINDFUL skin care

Sam & Gina aka A.V-iation Productions created this amazing film for me as a way to share my love of a natural mindful way of making beautiful skincare. I have been on a journey of self discovery and enlightenment and am finally at a place where I just need to share my passion. This is me - Hayley Benseman

The Beauty Guide

Recommended Read: Dr Libby Weaver – The Beauty Guide

I have read many books and there is no one that has described our every day health and skin issues in ‘plain English’ as Libby does. I rate this book 5/5 and I think it should be a staple in every household.

Girl stop apologising

Recommended Read – Girl Stop Apologising – Rachel Hollis

If you are a woman that wants more – no – NEEDS more in her life. You want to achieve something, do better, be better. Hell, you may want to start up your own business, lose weight, or write a book. BUT… you can’t make that first step. Then, babe, this book is you for you.

I reached out to Jamie the executive office of the Taranaki Retreat.

For him to share a little something-something to think on – self reflect – better awareness of your self and others.

put down the device – visit a friend. Walk-in nature x

Breathe x


“Kia ora

Thank you, Hayley, for the opportunity to share a bit of a story with this awesome community.

Thirty years ago, I was with a group of colleagues who had decided to swim across a reservoir. Roughly halfway across, I took a dive and got entangled in the plant life on the bottom.

The more I struggled, the more stuck I was. Could see no escape. I was terrified and alone.

Here’s the thing; one of the guys on the boat happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time; spotted me go down, spotted I wasn’t coming up again.

So I heard afterwards

– without hesitation, he leapt in, swam to where I was trapped, and the next moment, a strong arm was around me, dragging me to the surface, pulling me to the safety of that boat.

Not for him, I wouldn’t be here today, and nor would my children… Which I always find quite an uncanny thought. Over the years since that happened, probably not a week has gone by that I don’t think of him, and that, when I was stuck in the depths, someone spotted me and pulled me out.

That’s a big part of why I do what I do. And that’s why we’ve all got to keep doing what we’re doing; scanning the surface, noticing, and not hesitating.

I hear a lot of “If you’re struggling, reach out.” We all need to hear and know that.

But it’s not the only answer.

Sometimes it’s not that easy. Putting down the device, making time to visit a friend, colleague or relative you’ve perhaps not seen for a while, or who you’ve noticed might be slipping under the surface – that’s the magic.


Jamie Executive Officer, Taranaki Retreat

Thank you so much Jamie x

Taranaki Retreat

Recommended Podcast – Super Soul Sunday’s – Oprah Winfrey

Gawd if there was only ONE podcast you used your precious time on, make it this one. Inspiring! In fact, it is life-changing if you really listen and let your self be open. love love.

I found the following text from and I LOVE it


M – Moment to moment attention

I – In the here-and-now, with a

N – Non-Judgmental Attitude, learning to

D – Detach from unhelpful thoughts. Learning to

F – Forgive and be thankful in any circumstance. To accept

U – Unconditional positive regard for yourself and others, and to

L – Learn new things with excitement and humility.


Period Repair Manual

Recommended Read: Period Revolution By Lara Briden

I was recently at my friend Michelle Yandles Well Fed event held here in Taranaki (you must all go see it come 2020) – and one of the guest speakers was Lara Briden. I personally got diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18 and have learned a lot since about my body. But listening to Lara speak BLEW MY MIND – and really got me excited to get her book.

A smart lady – lots of experience in clinic / but most of all she just makes sense! If you are a girl – teenager – a woman…this book really is a must. I can’t wait for you all to read it and change your life.

Check it out here: