Spring has sprung! But the hands need help

Hand Cream

Spring has sprung! But the hands need help

Its all about the hand cream!

So if you’ve been slip slop slapping like a good Covid warrior you’ll be feeling it. Hands are one of the first places to ‘show your age’ more than any other body part. Sun damage is often the biggest culprit, but now with all this alcohol slapping all over our hands it’s hard to keep them feeling supple and loved. 

Aside from the face, eyelids, neck, elbows and hair, hands are on the front line. These things do all the dirty work and they deserve a bit of love. 

Hand sanitizers are a killer! (Ironically), and so many soaps can be pulling the good oils from your skin so it’s important to look after these babies. Actually I have a nice soap recipe you can try at home, it’s better than store bought and full of hydrating oils and butters.   

Or if you’re time poor and just want some delicious soap sent to your door you can get your hands on my natural skin loving soap here

According to research* 80% of people don’t wash their hands properly, (hopefully that’s improved with all the Covid kerfuffle and hand washing lessons), but it’s any wonder people don’t want to with the harsh soaps that are on offer. It’s important to wash for a length of time but it’s actually just as important to dry those hands! ‘They’ say damp hands are 1000x more likely to spread bad bacteria than dry hands. And there is faecal matter (hm-hm you heard that right) on 10% of credit cards, 14% of cash money and 16% of mobile phones.  EW! 

Proper hand washing can reduce diarrhoea rates by 40%, and respiratory infections by 20% and elevator buttons harbour 22% more bacteria than toilet seats. So hand washing is something we need to do to protect ourselves and our whanau. Once all this washing is done you’re going to need some love on that skin so here is a link to my Divinity Hand Cream to keep them going. And with spring (yay) and summer on the horizon it’s great on the heels too. 

The Divinity Hand Cream is technically a balm, I make it thick so it’s super hydrating, silky and takes a little while to absorb in. It’s a good idea to sit down with your fav Netflix series and rub it in. It’ll give you a little mindful moment and a reminder about how good it feels to do some self-care. Massage it in and enjoy the scent of Golden Jojoba & Patchouli. 

It’s time for renewal so let’s look after our hard working pinkies with some luscious hand cream.

Much love

Hayley xx



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  • Nirainna

    I often the one who does the dishes. I also notice my nails are kinda dry and brittle, it is because of me washing the dishes almost 3 times a day.
    This kind of creams are pretty helpful.

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