My Blend, the mother of all oils!

My Blend

My Blend, the mother of all oils!

My Blend, the mother of all oils!

This year has been… well, real.

During the big LD, I got a bit down.  I always had the hope that eventually I’d come out the other side but while I was feeling low, I realised I could do something little for myself to help. Using my gathered knowledge and showing myself a little bit of love I concocted a blend of my top hit oils. I sought out the best mood lifters with the best properties that I knew could assist with my overall feeling of wellbeing, lift my energy and mood.


I made it for myself and used it loads – inhaling for the great instant hit to the senses and wearing it on my skin to continue the feeling. My anxiety would ease and my mood would lighten, the properties in the oils combined with the act of respect I was showing for myself was just what I needed. I called it My Blend, because it is, well, my blend. And I’m super excited that I can now share the love with you!

There are a whole bunch of oils I’ve blended in varying quantities to complement each other and you can see a full list here.


One of my favs, Grapefruit Oil gives My Blend a punchy, citrus scent which encourages clear perception and works as a confidence booster. It also has stimulating and revitalising properties and supports detoxification. Apparently the grapefruit was developed by an accidental mix of the sweet orange and pomelo in Barbados. It eventually became known as the grapefruit due to how it grows in grape like clusters. A study has found that limonene, the main chemical compound in grapefruit essential oil, can assist with treating depression, particularly in menopausal women. When you inhale the oil, its chemical compounds can literally attach themselves to parts of the brain to assist with triggering a release of happy hormones. (Source) Grapefruit by the way are harvested by hand. There is no machinery used to pick it.


Petitgrain is an essential oil we don’t hear about as often but it comes from the bitter orange tree and has been used in a lot of traditional health practices. It’s actually made from the leaves, not the blossoms and has a greenish tint. It is known to help with relaxation, to calm and sooth away anger and sleeplessness. The bitter orange tree is a native from Southern China and North-Eastern India but the name Petitgrain is French meaning ‘little seed’.

The bitter orange tree was actually the very first orange species to reach the Western World when it was introduced by the second voyage of Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago. Can’t you just imagine those explorers sitting on a ship deck biting into a bright piece of orange for the first time!

And pulling off the peel they would have been getting a little hit of mood enhancement while the oils squirted in the air.

Frankincense, it’s one of the most prized essential oils and has been used for thousands of years, burnt at religious ceremonies, and ancient Egyptians used it for perfume and blended into salves to soothe the skin. Now here I am using it as part of My Blend for exactly the same thing thousands of years later. The oil comes from the Boswellia tree and the resin is crushed into powder and then steam instilled. The oil stimulates regeneration and healing and has a piney-lemon smell.

With sustainability in mind, I’ll always seek the oils from companies with transparent supply chains and where labour is appropriately managed.

Any who, with these little beauties along with the seven other oils in My Blend I’m so pleased with the outcome, for me and now for you.

Don’t forget to get your orders in by December 17th. I’m practicing what I preach and taking a break, but I can’t wait to catch you on the other side! I’ve got a good feeling about 2021!!


Lots of festive love to you and yours.

Hayley. Xoxo

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