It’s a new decade so just eat the pancakes!

It’s a new decade so just eat the pancakes!

Hey, we made it! It’s a new year so it could be time for a bit of a change-up. If you don’t have a new year resolution (or you did and it hasn’t stuck) who cares! Just take it one day at a time. Even one minute at a time could be the go. Sometimes it seems a bit daunting committing to something for a year, but what about having a general kind of thought or vibe in the back of your mind? One word even? Mindfulness continues to be mine. (Why change when you’re onto a good thing).

During the break, I’ve stepped away from the tech, and it totally makes a difference. There are the increasing links being made with more tech use making people depressed or anxious. So that’s a simple way of being more mindful. Turn that notification thingo off! Don’t make the first thing you do checking notifications or taking all the pics to post online. If YOU’re not there it didn’t happen, not this crazy ‘no pics didn’t happen’ thing. Does your ex-partner’s mums’ neighbour’s cousin really need to know you are eating a pancake stack with the kids? Just eat the pancakes!  Although I use social media tech for business, I’m just checking in for a certain amount of time, then flicking off when I’m done.

When we get down the track and think back on our lives, I’m pretty sure we won’t be proud of the amount of posts we read and liked. But we might remember that time we sat with the kids and ate those delicious pancakes in the back garden.

There are a few other easy mindfulness vibe things we can do. Power-napping is an awesome one, and time-wise, it’s perfect. You don’t need to sleep, just lie down for a few minutes and breathe, concentrate on your breath going in and out your mouth and nose. It’s great for shuffling out those niggling thoughts and being in your own body. The more you do it, the more effective it becomes too.

Getting right down to basics, we can walk mindfully, eat mindfully, observe our breathing mindfully. There are some positive tech things which can help too if tech is your jam, use it for good not evil![i] has great meditations you can play while resting and many on being mindful. There are also brilliant meditations and stories for the kids. Woebot[ii] is an app that helps you check in daily and think about positives and work through any negatives so there are options. Libraries have eBooks online in their catalogues now too (and they are free) including recipe books, self-help etc. Or just switch off and use that amazing computer you’ve already got in your head. It’s amazing what that thing can do for you!

Because the little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.[iii]


Happy 2020!



[i] Calm Link

[ii] Woebot Link

[iii] Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School


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  • Jhonson K.

    Very encouraging words. Thanks. People often are stressful at things not worth stressing. They have vacation or day off or rest days but are still mindful of all those stuff, come on just enjoy the things you have. Life is not about problems and concerns, it is beauty. And we must enjoy it.

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