Mindful Box


Join us in immersing ourselves in one whole week of mindful yoga and skincare!


My first mindful box wahoo! Ok so not long ago I had an idea of a ‘Mindful Week 2020’ wash over me. I wanted to created an online FB group for anyone to join for FREE – to release them selves into 7 days of yoga / breathing / being and connecting with themselves. Kicks off 8th Nov – Sunday.

I am ALL about helping women mindfully connect with themselves – and I think this is a great platform of really showing you all how to use my products to elevate that. All of the range has been formulated for ultimate indulgence – a sensory experience of smell and touch. Isn’t this what we all crave with skincare? Well I do and I am so pleased to say that I have successfully pulled that off.

Each day during ‘Mindful Week 2020’ I will be releasing on the FB group a video of how to use my products mindfully. Really taking the time to unlock their small offerings.

In comes ‘Mindful Box’ In this box you will receive 6 whole sized products from the range and 1 FREE pre release 5ml bottle to finish the week on.

Here are the products that will correspond with each day during the week:

Rosy Glow

Calendula K+ Cream 30ml

Divinity Hand Cream

Vanilla Nut Lip Balm

Lavender or Divinity Massage Oil (you choose or I will!)

Golden Dew Drops

5ml bottle of my NEW product – a special pre release just for YOU! follow this link to ask to join the group! In the group you will then be provided with a special early bird 15% off code to buy this amazing box at a reduced price.

Early bird available until the 2nd November – after that it will be full price.


If you think you know my range then think again – sometimes its all about using something in a whole new way! Lets get immersed and mindfully connect

Full sized products of the below:

Rosy Glow

Calendula K+ Cream 30ml

Divinity Hand Cream

Vanilla Lip Balm

Dew Drops Serum

Lavender OR Divinity Massage Oil (you can choose)

NEW 5ml Pre Release ‘My Blend’ aromatherapy oil FREE for all boxes

All in an eco – precious mindful box with hand written words by Hayley x



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