Panda Eyes

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A rich buttery cream that will remove all types of eye makeup and leave you moisturised. Great for sensitive skin!


Cleansing & Soothing enriched with luscious cocoa & Organic Shea Butter

This delish cream will remove your eye makeup, naturally, and leave the area moisturised and soft.
It will NOT strip your natural oils which are so important on such a sensitive area. 

This has to be one of the most affordable and long-lasting products out there. If using once a day this jar will last you approx 8 months!!! w o w.
When we formulate products to sell it is so important to make sure you are getting value for money and you cannot get better than this product. 

Panda Eyes has been tested on waterproof mascara and worked a dream!
You have to be very careful with what you use around your eyes as the skin is tender and sensitive – so go natural, it’s always better!
If you have sensitive skin and are a bit cautious in trying new products, just give it a try, we promise you’ll love it.

Start off using a very small amount of cream as a little does the job, then once you have used it a few times you’ll soon see how much you need to take off the amount of makeup you put on. 

Directions: Massage a small amount over closed eyes and wipe off with a warm/hot flannel.
You can use a cotton pad or ball to remove the first layer but it is always best to finish with a warm flannel to melt and remove the last bit of cream.
Rinse flannel and repeat until ALL oil/mascara is gone.

No Pandas were harmed in the making! We are staunchly cruelty-free!

Top Tip: Can also double as hand cream or lip balm

If you notice small bead-like shapes in your cream do not despair!
This is the nature of shea butter – these are in fact small Shea butter balls that will melt on contact with the skin.

30ml Amber glass jar with a plastic lid – return jar (post use) to be reused.

Blended in NZ

Avoid if you have an Almond nut allergy.
We recommend skin patch testing. If irritation occurs rinse immediately and discontinue use.
In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, see your healthcare professional.
Use within 1 year.

*For external use only*

Volume 30ml

Organic Shea Butter – Butyrospermum parkii
Cocoa Butter – Theobroma cacao
NZ Raw Beeswax / Cera alba
Sweet Almond Oil  / Prunus dulcis

3 reviews for Panda Eyes

  1. Karla (verified owner)

    I was sick of thinking I had removed my mascara the night before and waking up with smudges all under my eyes that were hard to remove the next day – so I thought I would give this a try. It’s a fantastic product! You only need a little, it feels lovely and definitely removes all of the mascara!

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    This stuff lasts for ages! So easy to remove my mascara and doesn’t dry out my skin. Love it!

  3. Kenzie wells

    This is life changing! I don’t wake up with mascara everywhere and this is also a great lip balm too.
    My eyes don’t itch at the end if the day anymore and my mascara does not flake everywhere!
    Thank you so much Hayley! X

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