Mask Brush

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A satiny smooth bristled brush to help apply your HB face masks!


Want to take your clay mask to the next level? Mask Brush baby!

You really have to try our NEW wooden handled mask brush! Made especially for our HB mask lovers with quality / style and sustainability in mind.It is seriously soft to the touch and feels like feathers stroking your face. So delightful and enjoyable.

How to use: easy – just go mix up your HB clay masks with the instructions on the jar (1tsp powder to approx 1 tsp water) using a spoon, then when you are ready with a clean face – dip your new mask brush in the made clay mask and apply. It really is simple and makes the application so much faster.

How to keep it nice: Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the bristles of all clay mask after use and sit it somewhere to dry out. It really is a sturdy strong made mask brush so we are confident this beaut will last many many uses!

You may want to pair this with our…Pink Delight NZ Clay Mask OR our Mineral NZ Clay Mask

We would LOVE some clay mask selfies! So come join our IG page or FB and share your beautiful clay face! OR even better send us in one of you using our brush! Small businesses like ours love receiving your photos reviews and content. Always brings us a smile.

Organising a party? Then match up some mask brushes with our single use – plastic free – gift boxed Mineral Clay Mask samplers! A great party treat to use and have a laugh together.

Want to know a bit more about clay masks! come take a read here

Wooden handle with HB Brand


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