Ground those puppies


Ground those puppies

Grounding, Earth Grounding or Earthing, whatever you want to call it, it’s catching on. Or perhaps we’re catching up? It’s something long forgotten, but back in ‘the day’ we didn’t have synthetic footwear between us and the earth. We walked upon it, and now, it seems, more of us are remembering to do so.

Warm sand running between your toes, river water rushing over your feet or walking on your soft and fuzzy back lawn (mind the dog doo doo). Wherever, whenever it seems we can get a shot at better health right on our doorsteps – and for zilch.

I’ve written about this on my Wellbeing page,  I’ve done it when I’ve needed a pick me up, a reconnection with nature, just taken my shoes off in the back yard. It’s easier in summer for sure, but even a crisp wintery morning – it’s definitely invigorating.

Instinctively we all know this. It’s nothing new. Walking barefoot, running through the grass – it just feels good. According to quite a few folk we are just not doing it enough. (Check out this beautiful film The Earthing Movie). It talks a little about the science side of things but looks at case studies of people who’ve experienced less inflammation and improved health. One woman in The Earthing Movie even claims weight loss as a result from lying naked on the grass. (Go girl!)

Science (check this article) is also backing up the concept of reduced inflammation, circulatory balancing, and electromagnetic benefits of grounding.  There’s now also a truck ton of products (some pretty expensive but a few more accessible) where you can ground while you sleep, sitting at the computer etc. There are grounding sheets, grounding yoga mats, grounding wrist bands etc. But the good old fashioned taking your shoes off is your quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to access what nature has to offer. The earth institute also report that premature babies can benefit from grounding to boost resilience and lower the risk of complications.

Here is how I understand it. In simple terms, the earth has an electromagnetic charge, the air above it is charged and we are mini moving animals with our own personal charge / energy. You know that prickly feeling when lightening is close? You can literally feel the vitality of the air ‘pulling’ or prickling just before a lightning storm? That’s the energy moving about and influencing your personal magnetics, there is a heightened amount of energy building and readying for a release.

With this grounding technique, whether you’re literally lying on a plugged in mat or touching the ground with your feet your body receives a charge up, which apparently can be shown in body response immediately, and effectively helps balance your own internal rhythm. If you stand on bare earth and are holding a unit (like the one that shows if there is charge on a battery) it’ll show a circuit light. If you’re standing on the earth in synthetic shoes there is no connection or current that shows up on a meter. You’re literally disconnected.

So what can it hurt? A little you time nestling into the earth with your feet is relaxing in and of itself. But if it’s giving you added benefits as well then what’s there to lose? Maybe even give your feet a little pre earthing massage with one of my oils. Pamper yourself.

Go and plug in to what the good mamma is providing! xoxo

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