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A much loved natural deodorant that actually works!



Tried & True | Natural deodorant NZ

Strengthened with Organic Tapioca & Coconut 
Approx 2 months’ worth of lavender deodorant if used daily, less if you have adequate underarm hair (men).
Hayley suffered all her life with underarm deodorants as most of the time they didn’t work! or if they did it only works for a little while.
After struggling for so Hayley decided to make her own natural deodorant, and it’s fantastic.

A much loved favourite product for many long time customers.
We use an ‘ORGANIC’ Virgin Coconut Oil (top quality) which smells amazing.
Store in cool temp away from direct sunlight and heat.
If the product melts it will separate. If this happens then mix the cream and set in the fridge or somewhere cold like a cupboard.
In winter the cream will set hard – warm in hands to remove or dig out with a spatula.

Directions: every morning apply a small amount to each underarm. Once in contact with your warm skin, it will melt and glide over nicely.

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Natural deodorant NZ | SUMMER

As mentioned above this deodorant is unstable in warm temperatures. In summer we get some hot heat, and unless you are storing your deodorant in under 24 degrees it will melt and separate. We are not promising a product of convenience so please be aware of this. Say in a heatwave let it liquify and just shake it and apply it as a liquid from the tip of your finger each time you need to. If it liquifies and sets hard then just mix it up with the handle of a spoon. It will only work as a deodorant if the powders and liquid are mixed.

Natural deodorant NZ | WINTER

Temperatures can get quite low in winter and this deodorant will set hard. This is the nature of coconut oil and we have not tampered with the recipe to stabilize it. If you have a morning shower then sit your deodorant up high. After the shower, the steam will have softened it. Or keep a spoon next to the jar to scratch some out.
Coconut melts to the touch so you can warm the jar up in your hands, or simply sit the jar in warm water to soften.

Regardless of these things, it is AMAZING! It actually works, is affordable, smells great and can become a staple in your home. Give it a try xx

Blended in NZ

Use Lavender Deodorant within 1 year

We recommend skin patch testing. If irritation occurs rinse immediately and discontinue use.

want to read about the beautiful skin benefits of coconut oil? read here

*For external use only*

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60ml, 30ml

5 reviews for Deodorant – Lavender SALE – END OF LINE

  1. Dale Stewart (verified owner)

    I got this on sale, not really expecting much. It is the first deodorant that works, easy to apply and keeps me dry even through hot flushes!!

  2. Diana Winter (verified owner)

    I bought the lavender deodorant March last year at womad still have some left and have been extremely happy with it. A lot of other deodorants give me a rash this has been excellent no problems thoroughly recommend it

  3. Simone Hayward (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this deodorant. I’ve used it for a year now and would never use anything else. It lasts all day, keeping me feeling fresh for hours; including exercising. I love the fragrance and all the natural ingredients.

  4. Tracy Hayes

    I tried this last year after wanting to go natural & no nasties.
    Love the smell & it keeps you fresh.
    Highly recommend this natural gorgeous deodorant.

  5. Heather Gernhoefer

    I started to use the lavender deodorant about a month ago. I find the product amazing. I like that I’m using a product made with natural Ingrediants. Very easy to use and a little bit goes a long way.

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