Bay Leaf Bundle


Sometimes it is nice to just give something to help someone x


Organic Bay leaf steaming facial and/or hair rinse for dandruff

Ok, so free you ask? what is this all about – what do I get… good question! 

As with anyone that has something in abundance I believe it really is nice to give to others.
Having come from hard times I really will never forget the people that gave a helping hand in all types of scenarios.
Be it with information, food, money or other help. It was all received with the greatest of gratitude. 

So, I want to give you something that you can use at home, that your skin will LOVE! that is good for you and is free.
I want to give you a wee bundle of fresh bay leaves picked that day, from our tree, for you to infuse as a special ‘me time’ steaming face treatment and/or to infuse in water to make a dandruff hair rinse. Actually, you can do both – have a steaming treatment then use the water for a rinse!

No tricks or swindling here – no marketing/promotion just something nice for you.
Hey if you have a Bay Tree or you know someone down the road that’ll give you some leaves then yay you don’t need us, but read on for more information on why Bay leaves are great.

Bay leaves are amazing for your skin and hair! Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, bay leaf offers various benefits to your skin and have been used in herbal medicine for this purpose. They are rich in vitamins as well as copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and manganese.
They also contain essential phytochemicals and volatile oils.


Bay leaf has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to kill the infection on the scalp.
Bay leaf water acts like a tonic to hair which helps to treat dandruff and also eradicate dandruff built over the scalp.
Now, this is not a one time fix it miracle water! Please don’t think that.
But it’ll make a nice rinse for your next wash, and hopefully, if it helps a little you can find some more bay leaf close by
or make another order from us and get another bundle.


We grew up doing steam treatments when unwell to open the sinuses and drain any build-up. Mum you rock!
We didn’t know it but we were living a natural healing lifestyle AND getting steaming facials at the same time ha.
When you think about it putting your head over hot steaming water in itself will force your pores open and flush out any impurities.
Adding an amazing natural ingredient into the hot water will draw out the volatile oils and float that up in the steam to then infuse your skin with all this goodness. 

After a steam treatment, my skin is clean, my pores are open and I find it a really nice time to do a Mineral Clay Mask.
ollowed with a beautiful oil serum like our Golden Dew Drops. But if you don’t have the money it’s ok!
Just finish up your steaming treatment with a cold flannel or go outside for some cool air. 

Do both!

After steaming your face use the water (minus the leaves that can be composted or thrown in the garden) as a hair rinse, after you shampoo and before your conditioner.
I like to steam treat myself and then I’ll use the water for my daughter in her shower that night because she has dandruff. 

How to do both:

When you get your bundle put it in a big bowl. Boil some water in a jug and pour it over the leaves.
Amounts don’t matter here, just enough to cover the leaves and a bit more.
Then you lean your face over the bowl (be careful, and don’t face plant pretty please) and put a towel or something over your head to create a tent.
Breathe in the steam baby and enjoy your skin getting tingly all over. Just do it for as long as you like – come out for a breather and go back in.
Up to you and what you feel like. JUST RELAX! That’s the name of the game.

After you have finished, let the water cool down, take out the leaves and put your bowl of infused water in the fridge for your next shower. Use within 2 days.

So there you go, something fun and helpful for you. Take some ‘me time’ and enjoy yourself.
If you don’t decide to use the leaves in this fashion…then just dry them and use in your cooking or make a tea and drink it before bed to get you all relaxed for sleep.

Hayley xx

One bundle available per order.

*Skin test for allergies

1 x Bunch in twine

Bay Leaves (homegrown) / Laurus Nobilis


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